Saturday, October 21, 2017

Independence Hall Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
I only have a couple of pictures of my booth to show you today.  We were so busy at the show, I didn't have a chance to get out of the booth and look around and take pictures of the quilts.

So many friends and acquaintances stopped by to say hi.  We had a great time with everyone.  Thank you all so much for coming and supporting my guild.

We are looking forward to another good day with crisp temperatures and beautiful surroundings.

Two more friends arrived in town yesterday and they will help us with the show periodically throughout the day.  Last night, five of us gathered around the kitchen table with a glass of wine and chicken enchiladas.  The laughter from last night is going to spill over into today.  Just too much fun!


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beautiful Weekend for a Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick post before I dash off to get set up at Ironstone Winery for the Independence Hall Quilt Show.  
 The Ironstone venue couldn't be any prettier for a show.

Fall color greets you the minute you approach the winery.

It is fun to just walk through the grounds.

Throw in a quilt show too and what more could you want?

Come on by and see my booth in the Heritage room.  We will start setting up this morning.  More pictures tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Calm Before the Storm

Hello Everyone,

You must be thinking that I've been very quiet lately, and you are correct.  I'm busily cutting fat quarter towers, fat 1/8 bundles, and printing patterns for my booth at the Independence Hall Quilt Guild show this weekend at Ironstone Winery in Murphys. 

I've tried to fit in a bit of sewing also on the quilt that I'm teaching during the cruise to Alaska next July.  It sounds like it is way in the future.....but in reality, it will be here before I know it.

I'm teaching Patchwork Math on the cruise up to Alaska.  On the way back, I'm going to include everything I taught during class into a component friendly quilt.  I'm trying to incorporate blocks with an Alaskan theme.  Of course Bear Paw is one of them!  I scoured my quilting resource books and came up with other blocks which will be perfect for this quilt.  Glacier Bay, Gold Rush, Aurora, Black Spruce, Denali and Midnight Sun are some of the blocks that will be in the quilt.  This design is unlike anything else I've done in the past.  Stay tuned to watch me break out of my quilting box. 

After preparing for the show all day, Mr. Joe, Mazey and I take an early evening walk around Snowflake Lake to enjoy some of the Fall colors.

We walk through the woods to get to the lake, so we leave the cabin well before dark.  We don't want to come face to face with Mama and baby bear in the dark.  I'm not too sure that Mazey will protect us.  She will probably run full speed into Mr. Joe's arms if she saw them.

We have also been raking, and raking.  It seems like we are raking the entire forest clear of pine needles.  The current fires have literally lit a "fire" under us to get the lot cleared of debris.  A large container is being delivered this morning which we will fill up, and have hauled away.  I LOVE being outdoors this time of year.  It's not hot, it's not cold, it's just right said Graylocks! (Mazey is Goldilocks)

In addition to getting ready for the show, I'm preparing for the arrival of 36 quilters to Snowflake Lodge for retreat #2 starting the 23rd of October.  I'm printing tutorials, and making sure all of the retreat gifts are finished.  Lots to do!  What was I thinking scheduling two major events back to back?

Today is cleaning and grocery shopping day.  A couple of my friends, and my sister Gail, are arriving early to help me with the show and then the retreat.  The cabin is going to be bursting with activity, good food, and lots of laughter. If I play my cards right, I can delegate all of the chores to my friends, while I escape and sit by the lake to begin my long winter's nap!


Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Tuesday Floozies

Hello Everyone,
This mini quilt show is brought to you by my Sew'n Wild Oaks Girls.......or affectionately called the Tuesday Floozies!
Fall was in the air in the classroom as two Scrappy Leaves quilts made their debut. They are both spectacular!  I always say, don't be afraid to change the pattern and make it your own creation.

I know first hand the level of effort this border requires.

I wouldn't mind these little guys at my picnic.

All stripes are going in the same direction!  Now that took some planning and forethought!

Suzanne completed this quilt mostly out of her stash.  Stunning.

A customer at In Between Stitches displayed her quilt too.  It fit right in to our group.

Look at the legs hanging off the end of this table runner.  I should have tried to get a better picture.

This is my Buttonwood pattern.  The HST are 3/4" and perfectly aligned.

Here's a Lil' Orphan Scrappy in two pieces......almost done!

My girls are amazing quilters and friends.  We have such a good time together when we meet on Tuesdays.  Thank you all for being such wonderful people who bring so much joy to the world.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Hello Everyone,
This post seems trivial in comparison to the havoc that is occurring in our state right now with all of the fires raging through California.  The amount of property lost is staggering.  The numbers of lives lost is tragic. 
October is historically the scariest month for those of us living in California.  The winds pick up, power lines go down, and fires spread like a freight train out of control.
Both my sister Gail and I know people who have lost their homes in a blink of an eye.  Other friends have evacuated and are waiting to return to their neighborhoods to see if their home is standing.
The weather forecast is not good for tonight and tomorrow.  The winds are supposed to intensify making the fires spread even more.  No matter how many resources are thrown at the fires, there is zero containment.  They rage on. 
Gail and I tried to return to the East Bay Area from Lakeport Monday morning after the quilt show.  Our normal route was impassable. All of the roads were closed in the two direct routes home.  We ended up going north, then east, then south and worked our way around the fires.  Thank God for a good navigation system in the car.
We are home, we are safe, but many friends are still in peril. Mr. Joe and I are headed to the cabin today.  We hope and pray the rain we had last week dampened the forest enough to keep our area safe.  We just have to hold on a few more weeks until the rain begins in earnest, and puts an end to fire season.
I'm closing with a few pictures of my booth at the show.  I have no more words to describe the utter terror that has a grip on our state.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ladies of the Lake Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
This week I'm preparing for the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Show in Lakeport, California.  I was so honored when the guild asked me last year to be the featured artist at the 2018 show.  I said "YES" in a heartbeat.

Lakeport is a lovely little community of the shores of Clearlake.  The downtown area is very quaint and filled with little shops for browsing.....and buying!

Gail and I are looking forward to seeing some of you at the featured booth.  I will be demonstrating Patchwork Math throughout the entire show. 

Let me tell you, the quilters in this guild are very talented!  The quilts were absolutely amazing the last time I attended the show.  Your eyes will dance from one quilt to the next in utter amazement.

Click HERE for a link to the Lake County blog for a bit more information about the show.

Yet another week is flying by without one stitch taken on my machine.  I'm busily preparing for the show, and my next retreat toward the end of the month.  I did get some time yesterday to start working on the design for the quilt I'll be teaching on the Alaska quilt cruise next July.  If I start now, maybe, just maybe it will be finished before I step on the gangplank!


Saturday, September 30, 2017

River City Quilt Guild Workshop

Hello Everyone,
I'm still getting caught up with posts from my events over the past two weeks.  On September 19th and 20th I was at the River City Quilt Guild in Sacramento.
Here is a sample of what the quilters created during the Patchwork Math workshop.

Their blocks looks great together in a collage.  We have a quilt!

Nondra was a great sport and let me take a picture of her hair next to her block.  Doesn't this look great!  She is new to quilting and selected fabrics that resembled water....and they did.

Korey made the smallest flying geese and double flying geese ever made in one of my classes.  He got extra credit in class for these cuties!

 This is an example of what can be created with a Y-square.  It is so versatile.

The night before the workshop, I gave a mini Patchwork Math workshop to the entire guild!  No pressure here.....none whatsoever!  The facility and crowd was a bit daunting.  They chuckled in all the right places and were very generous with their applause.

I'm still playing catch up with my posts.  More to come over the next few days.  Have you noticed that I have not had time to quilt?  Nothing....nada. I'm missing my sewing machine terribly.



Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sew'n Wild Oaks Day #3

Hello Everyone,
All pictures this morning, no talk, no time!  This is Peggy's wonderful Country Charmer block.

The fun continues with walks around the lake.

 The first snowman of the season appeared thanks to Margaret.

Patti's sweet quilt.

Lisa's spectacular blocks.

Playing with Rita's log cabin layout.


 Little did we know the sprinklers were about to come on!

What a glorious group of women!

 Day #4 is about to begin.